With over 50 years of industry experience, the Scottish Digital Arts team provide an unrivalled service for clients. Directors Paul Talkington and Ewen McKay have worked on film, television, gaming and immersive experience soundtracks for several decades and are very well known in the business. They have excellent relationships with leading producers, engineers, pro tools operators, librarians, technical crews and all of the personnel needed to deliver soundtrack recordings.

Paul Talkington, Director

A portrait of Paul Talkington

Paul has been recording music for well over 30 years and has worked on around 400 major film, TV and computer game projects. He continues to work with many of the leading composers in the business including Brian Tyler, John Debney, Pinar Toprak, Terence Blanchard, Christopher Lennertz, Germaine Franco, Tim Williams, Tyler Bates, Marcelo Zavros, Geoff Zanelli, Ilan Eshkeri, Marco Beltrami, Christopher Young, Dario Marianelli, Roger Neil, Mark Isham, Atli Ovarsson, Sonya Belousova and Giona Ostinelli, Lee Holdridge, Isabella Summers and many others.

Paul's wealth of experience, understanding of the clients’ needs, and incredible knowledge make him one of the most sought after contractors in the global market.

Ewen McKay, Director

A portrait of Ewan McKay

Born in Glasgow, Ewen has over 25 years of experience in the music profession both as manager and performer, working with an incredibly wide range of artists including Elmer Bernstein, Kris Kristofferson, Danny Elfman, Neeme Järvi, Anne-Sophie Mutter as well as the finest orchestral, world music, jazz/commercial and traditional session musicians in the United Kingdom and Europe. With decades of musician contracting knowledge combined with his performing experience, Ewen is regarded as one of the best ‘fixers’ in the UK.

Hedd Morfett-Jones, Digital Manager

A portrait of Hedd Morfett-Jones

Hedd has been recording the RSNO for broadcast and commercial release since 2016, later coming onboard to form the in-house Digital Team. With pre-conservatoire training in Scotland as an oboist before studying on the Tonmeister course in Surrey and starting his career as a Test/QA engineer in audio electronics, he brings a wealth of experience to the many hats he wears at Scotland's Studio.

As a session engineer, Hedd has recorded for such composers as Pinar Toprak, Frederik Wiedmann, and Brian Tyler, later mixed by mix engineers such as Jason LaRocca, Casey Stone, Greg Hayes, Simon Rhodes, and has been assistant engineer and guarantor for many more well-known engineers who have visited the Studio.

In his free time he makes DIY electronics, some of which can be seen in the Studio!