Formed in 2021, Scottish Digital Arts (SDA) provides soundtrack recording services for the Film, Television and Video Game Industries. With returning clients including Ubisoft, The Walt Disney Company, Sony Pictures, Universal, Netflix, Apple TV and Paramount, SDA has quickly established a reputation for world class soundtrack recording, with exclusive access to one of the finest facilities in the UK and the best session and orchestral musicians. SDA’s soundtrack work for Apple TV+ drama ‘Silo’ was recognised with a BAFTA Television Craft award in April 2024, with series composer Atli Örvarsson winning in the award for best original music: fiction.

SDA has special relationships with the best session musicians and studio production teams in Scotland and the UK, with talent, expertise and experience drawn from all of the major orchestras and recording studios. The Royal Scottish National Orchestra is a regular client, widely recognised in the industry as one of the finest recording and performing groups in the world, and with a long history going back to 1844. The RSNO’s work with the Varese Sarabande label established its reputation as a world-class soundtrack orchestra, working with Elmer Bernstein, Jerry Goldsmith, John Debney and Joel McNeely, and winning numerous industry awards including eight GRAMMY nominations and a Gramophone award for ‘Vertigo’ by Bernard Hermann


“The orchestra’s phrasing was amazing. I had to take a moment to truly just admire their talent. Under extreme pressure, those musicians performed at an exquisite level. I am delighted to call them friends and honoured to have taken that musical journey with them.”

Terence Blanchard ‘The Woman King’

“Their attitude and enthusiasm is fantastic and the recording hall brings the music to life contributing to a lush and cinematic sound that rivals the best studios in the world!”

Christopher Lennetz ‘The Curse Of Bridge Hollow’, ‘When You Wish Upon A Star‘ Disney 100 Anniversary

“I am fortunate to be able to record anywhere in the world for the soundtracks to my movies and the RSNO is always on the top of my list .”

Lorne Balfe ‘Life on Our Planet’, ‘Argylle’

“The strings are second to none, wind spot on, brass to die for and the percussion superb. The newly revamped studio sounds superb, especially with the ability to lower the acoustic panels on the walls.”

Paul Leonard-Morgan, ‘Gigi and Nate’

“This orchestra followed me through every nuance and every style change flawlessly. Great performances and a great crew, a top-notch experience!”

Geoff Zanelli ‘Freelance‘

“The entire team is an absolute delight to communicate and work with. I can’t wait to go back.”

Pinar Toprak, ‘Avatar - Frontiers Of Pandora‘ Ubisoft Games, Walt Disney Epcot

“I could not recommend the SDA any higher!”

Timothy Williams, Bagman